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The vibrating equipment find an extensive application in all the process which need to move, to classify, to separate, to cool, to dry nearly all bulk materials.
We can propose the complete range of vibrating equipment, as following:

1. Vibrating Extractors to discharge a product from hoppers or silos. The vibrating extractors can be supplied driven by unbalance motors, mechanical oscillators and, for dosing application, by electromagnetic oscillators, complete with electronic control devices able to maintain the requested capacity even modifying operating conditions.

The conveying through can be made of mild steel or stainless steel and a wide choice of lining material-hard steel, rubber, polyurethane, PTFE are available to meet the process requirements.

2. Vibrating Conveyors to transfer the product over small/ medium distances. Similar with the vibrating extractors, can reach even 6000mm in length and it can be available in open or dust tight closed or tubular type.

Usually the vibrating conveyors are manufactured with unbalance motors or mechanical oscillators, with trough width between [400 and 1500], installed in horizontal or slightly inclined position.

The vibrating conveyors are simply, rugged, low maintenance machines, mainly used in chemical and plastic, food, pharmaceutical, steel making industries

3. Vibrating Screens - used in all industry to separate the bulk materials according to grain size distribution.

The general purpose vibrating screens are normally classified in:

Circular screens- to screen very fine products or to separate the liquid fraction in many industries like chemical, food and pharmaceutical, with one to four selection decks, net opening from few mm down to 0,1mm and nominal diameters from 500mm to 1800mm. Many accessories or special constructions are available on request.

Vibrating screens- mainly used for separation or dewatering and controlled screening in chemical, plastic many other industries. Driven by a rotational oscillators or unbalanced motors and inclined from 5° to 20° downward, these equipment have excellent no clogging characteristics.

Can be operated with one to four selection decks, manufactured in carbon steel or stainless steel, open or closed. A very special screens for fertilizers are available.

4. Spiral Elevators a kind of vibrating conveyors used for vertical transportation or intensive cooling of bulk materials, particularly suitable where is important to avoid any grain damages during the transport. Typical applications are in pharmaceutical and plastic industry.

5. Fluidised Bed Cooler/ Dryerspecial conveyors used to cool or to dry granular products in plastic and food industry or foundries. The product is conveyed across a special fine holed sheet with very low transport velocity. The cool or hot air pass thru the fine holes which finely distributed them in whole the mass of product. The result is an intensive heat exchange between the solid material and the fluid medium.

We supply also complete facilities including vents, boilers, feeding and discharging devices including power and control boards.

The units can be supplied as open execution or in IP 55 or with ATEX certification.

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