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Calcium Aluminate For Synthetic Slag

As a steel refining addition, Calcium Aluminate for Synthetic Slag is a kind of auxiliary material for steelmaking. Calcium Aluminate for Synthetic Slag is made of select raw material of Calcium and Aluminate, blended at a proper proportion, ground to powder, pelletized after churning, sintered or melted in kiln.

Calcium Aluminate used in steel making process especially for desulphurization, dephosphorization and non-metallic inclusion absorption without adversely affecting ladle refractory. It purifies liquid steel by preventing it from reacting with oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen.

Benefits Of Our Calcium Aluminate For Synthetic Slag

Our slag has a melting temperature below 1400℃ as well as a low viscosity of melting-slag with optimum fluidity. We could provide high performance of desulphurization and non-metallic inclusion absorption while saving energy and increasing the life of the ladle.