We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for various industries.


Plant Division Services

We provide a broad range of services that suits every industrial demand.

1. Turnkey

As Talvek, we can undertake plant design, procurement and construction of industrial plants on your behalf. We could provide the best design that takes advantage of the latest technology and industrial quality.

2. Revamping

If you want to optimize productivity, improve quality and reduce operating and maintenance costs with minimum amount of investment, then revamping is the right choice. We have the ability and competence for providing the best revamping solutions for your existing plant.

Engineering & Design

3. Engineering & Design

If it is the Engineering & Design is what you are looking for, let us take care of it for you. We could deliver the most efficient and cost effective solution according to your demands.

4. Erection & Commissioning

We believe that erection and commissioning are the key steps that ensure quality and reliability of your new system. Our services guarantee to meet your expectations in accordance with your time schedule.