We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for various industries.


Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Water Division Core For Industrial and Municipal Water Tretment Plants Technologies 

1. Potable water: screening, flocculation, clarification, filtration, disinfection, desalination

2. Waste water: screens, oil water separation, chemical and biological treatment, nitrogen removal, metals removal, filtration

3. Sludge treatment: digestion, thickening, dewatering, drying, composting

4. Process water: softening, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, deionization for

5. Iron and steel industry

Water treatment plants and water cooling systems for
Blast furnaces and coking plants
Electric furnaces and ladle furnaces
Walking beam furnaces
Continuous casting
Rolling mills

6. Cement industry

7. Paper mill

8. Zootechnics

9. Energy production

10. Petrochemical industry

11. Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry