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Hydropower Plants

EPC Contractor

Hydropower Plants

Together with our European partner, we provide EPC Services for the supply of Small Hydroelectric Power Plant, with a proprietary technology for the design and manufacturing of hydroelectric turbines.

Our design and production of the main type of turbines are Kaplan, Francis and Pelton from 100 kW up to 40 MW, each with various setting according to the needs of our Customers. 

We provide a full production cycle where each stage is developed according to the EN ISO 9001:2008 standard for quality, and operates along an UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 certified Environmental Management system.

Automation and Control Systems

Hydropower Plants

Complex and complete monitoring system based on top level SCADA can be provided together with the equipment, totally integrated in the automation system, in order guarantee safe and reliable operation of the Hydro Power Plant and prevent possible failures and production losses.

Advanced system of Remote Control and Data Transfer assure constant connection with the Hydro Power Plant to check all the relevant parameters of the units from Costumers Data Room or from any other Control Station.

Modernization and Revamping

Hydropower Plants

We can offer a wide range of tailor made solutions for a low-impact revamping of the existing ones.
One of the most important target of our technical analysis is the definition of the best solutions in order to optimize the activities for the revamping of the old ones.