We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for various industries.


Our CNC Machining centers enable machining of heavy parts of difficult shape from 5 sides with utilization of continuous control in 5 axes. The actual assortment of universal machines is comprised by the large milling machines as well as machine centers for non-rotary parts equipped with chain type tool magazine for automatic tool change with optional accessories.

Machining Centres

1. Gantry type milling machines and machining centers FRF (Q)
Floor - type milling machines and machining center with moving column FU (Q)

All types of the machines mentioned above are equipped with the Heidenhain or Siemens as standard control systems. They can be equipped with diverse spindle heads including interchangeable heads. Machines carry out a wide range of machining operations on various types of work pieces. All machines can handle a wide range of operations on various type large and complex-shaped work pieces.

Core Industry Areas

1. Power Industry
2. Railway Industry
Aircraft Industry
4. Components for construction machinery
Ship-building Industry
6. Mould Industry

7. Defense Industry
8. Automotive Industry