We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for various industries.


Our product range covers rubber tyred gantries and straddle carriers that are used to handle containers or heavy loads from the industry.

These products are mainly used in ports, train terminals, transport terminals and warehouses. We could also offer various solutions to the customers with the unusual heavy lift problem occurring in the industry.


Straddle Carrier
We have a wide range of Straddle Carriers for various intermodal operations. These machines have in common a light structural design compared to reach stackers, forklifts, and most straddle carriers. As a result, our machines are economical, have a low wheel pressure, consume little fuel and are extremely manoeuvrable.

Low maintenance cost
 Low fuel consumption
Low wheel pressure
 Highly manoeuvrable



The “Rubber-tyred Gantry” is an economical solution when straddling multiple lanes of rail/road and/or container storage, or when maximum storage density in the container stack is desired. Modular components are selected to meet the cycle time free-working-area requirements.

Some of the available options are:

90 degree wheel turn for sideway transfer
Traveling or fixed air conditioned cab
Fixed or Rotating Top lift spreader


Deck Handler
The “Deck Handler” is a specialized all-wheel drive marine reach stacker designed for use on-board coastal vessels and large river barges. It is designed to reach out over the edge of the ship and lift a container from the wharf’s edge. The operator retracts the boom to bring the container on-board the ship, and then stows the container on deck. A similar machine could also be transported on trains.

Telescopic top lift spreader
Up to 32 Tonnes container
Stack 3 high
Open or air conditioned cab


Long Materials

Tandem machines are designed to handle long materials.

Each machine is independently operated so that they can be also used separately to handle smaller materials.

Each machine can lift up to 60 tons.

They are the most cost effective and reliable solutions for long material handling.