We offer a comprehensive service portfolio for various industries.


Cast & Forged Products (Finished & Semi Finished)

Long Forged Products and Pipes

1. Supply of rough machined and black forged round and square bars produced by using the radial forging technology on a fast forging production line

2.Supply of high-alloy forged pipes, especially for offshore business and conventional power engineering

3. Supply of forged round and square bars manufactured using the open die forging technology, in 60 MN and 120 MN forging presses

4. Supply of components for railway and railway axis

5. Supply of special parts for conventional, hydro and wind power engineering

Shaped Forgings, Castings

1. Supply of custom large, finished, forged or cast parts of machines and equipment for various industrial applications

2. Supply of forged parts for the container of pressurizers, steam generators, heat exchangers and collectors for both conventional and nuclear power engineering