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Air Separation Plants

We are a EPC supplier of  Air Separation Plants and Industrial Gasas where nitrogen, oxygen and argon are produced in gas and/or liquid forms

Air Separation Plant,
LNG Plant,
 CO2 Purifying  and Liquefying Plant,
 Nitrogen Generator,
 Storage Tank,
 Oxygen Plant,
 Liquid Air Separation Plant,

Cryogenic air separation is the preferred technology for producing very high purity oxygen and nitrogen. It is the most cost effective technology for high production rate plants. All plants producing liquefied industrial gas products utilize cryogenic technology.

The complexity of the cryogenic air separation process, the physical sizes of equipment, and the energy required to operate the process all vary with the number of gaseous and liquid products, required product purities, and required delivery pressures.

Nitrogen production plants are less complex and require less power to operate than an oxygen plant making the same amount of product. Production of nitrogen and oxygen together (when both are needed) increases the energy efficiency.
On the other hand, if you want to choose to make these products in liquid form, you would require additional equipment and more than double the amount of power required per unit of delivered product.

Argon production is economical only when you would want to produce as a co-product with oxygen.